InterJournal Complex Systems, 114
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [114]
Submission Date: 971014
Revised On: 990401
Structure formation by Active Brownian particles with nonlinear friction
Author(s): Udo Erdmann

Subject(s): CX.01, CX.03, CX.13

Category: Article


Active Brownian particles are one particle systems described by stochastic differential equations (Langevin equations) which are driven by a nonlinear deterministic force. The interaction of the particles is described by a self consistent field. A ensemble of these particles far from equilibrium shows a complex behaviour and pattern formation. The self consistent field is described by a reaction diffusion equation. These equations analyzed numerically. The stationary distribution of the velocities of the particles is derived by the corresponding Fokker Planck equation. For a macroscopic description we use a hydrodynamic approach which to interpret the numerical results and to understand the behaviour of nonlinear systems far from equilibrium. If the self consistent field is switched on and a cluster is formed the system shows a symmetry reduction in the probability distribution of the velocities of the particles. This result will be presented analytically and numerically.

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