InterJournal ????, 1625
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [1625]
Submission Date: 2006
Organization and complexity of Negro river dynamics
Author(s): Jorge Pires ,Jorge Vieira ,Alexandre Evsukoff ,Célia Lopes




Between dry and wet seasons the Solimões River oscillates water level reaching up to 16-meter difference. This landscape will regulate the flora and wildlife spatial distribution and the riverside communities’ habits. This web of relations is progressive and evolutionary. A reductionist treatment is not possible. A wider approach to this problem is needed. Aspects of complexity and organization of water level progress in case of flood events at river Negro is presented. Such aspects are not discerned by the usual techniques of treatment of data and scientific signs. For this purpose, the study congregates the contributions of more recent developments in the area of systems, such as: the time series analysis and chaos, the recent discoveries in non-linear dynamics systems, the ideas regarding the organization from noise and, specially, the peircean Semiotic and the General Systems Theory. The basic data analyzed are the time series derived from the daily records of the stage of the Rio Negro in Manaus for the period 1902-2004.

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