InterJournal Complex Systems, 341
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [341]
Submission Date: 412
The Brain as a System of Aggregation of Social, Behavioral and Biological Variables
Author(s): Anonymous

Subject(s): CX.11, CX.13, CX.14, CX.30, CX.32, CX.33, CX.41

Category: Article


Why a human brain has to aggregate social, behavioral and biological variables? Because the value of our fitness is determined on the set of mentioned variables, and because they are dependent on each other. If they were independent we could optimize our fitness on the mentioned set of variables separetly. H. Maturana and F. Varela introduced a notion of autopoiesis and started a work of description of biological and social objects from a common point of view. They supposed that biological systems were autopoietic systems, and the last ones were "homeostatic systems, which have their own organization as the variable that they maintain constant". Correction of their definition supposes that biological systems are systems, which strive for having homeostatic organisation coordinated with long-term environment.These systems are successful in reaching the invariable organization relative to classes of variables connected with survival, and they are not successful in theie endeavor to reach the invariable organization to other classes of variables. Those organizations are the function of the mechanism of aggregation of social, behavioral and biological variables. Depending on external environment and genetic system this mechanism can produce the harmonized or deformed and even ill organization. The main aim of this paper is the identification of the above mentioned mechanism within biological system, which can help on the understanding of the brain as a mechanism of aggregation of social, behavioral and biological variables as well as on the designing the strategies influence the change of the brain through it self-organization.

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