InterJournal Complex Systems, 410
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [410]
Submission Date: 607
Revised On: 30818
A Brief Introduction to Multiscaling in Neuroscience
Author(s): Alfredo Pereira Jr.

Subject(s): CX.32

Category: Brief Article


Recent philosophical discussion of the cognitive functions of the animal brain - including the search for neural correlates of consciousness - has assumed the existence of a fundamental level of description where the biological basis of cognition could be identified. Neuroscientific research, on the other hand, has made a tacit assumption of multiple spatial and temporal scales which should be tied together to form an approximate picture of brain cognitive function. In this paper I summarize some aspects of multiscaling in neuroscience, discussing the example of putative mechanisms of memory, and further suggest that multiscaling is a central concept for the epistemology of neuroscience.

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