InterJournal Complex Systems, 144
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [144]
Submission Date: 971114
Revised On: 990319
Chemical Oscillation on symbolic chemical system and its behavioral pattern
Author(s): Yasuhiro Suzuki

Subject(s): CX.67, CX.21

Category: Brief Article


One of the most essential temporal structures in life systems is a cycle, which can be observed in any hierarchy of living things, such as TCA cycle in cytoplasmic level, the cell cycle in cell division, and the life cycle of living things. The importance of this structure has been pointed out by several authors, such as Eigen's hypercycle, Maturana's autopoiesis, Kauffman's NK network, and Fontana's Algorithmic Chemistry. However, these researches do not systematically address the conditions under which such cycle structures will emerge and become stable. In this paper, abstract rewriting system on a multiset is introduced to a model chemical reaction as a symbolic rewriting system acting on a multiset, which can be viewed as a chemical reaction system in a test tube. By use of this model, the condition of a cycle emergence, its robustness and how this system works under the stochastic perturbation are examined. The results show not only that a cycle will emerge even under a simple initial condition, but also that complex behavior of a cycle, such as fusion of several cycles, is observed when input randomness is introduced.

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