InterJournal Complex Systems, 257
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [257]
Submission Date: 981223
Revised On: 10121
Examining the dynamics of a vector representing neurophysiological state during intensive care
Author(s): Andre van der Kouwe

Subject(s): CX.32

Category: Report


Several monitors are used to monitor vital physiological variables in stroke patients in the neurointensive care unit. Decisions which ultimately affect the patient's outcome must be made on the basis of these and other data such as medical images. A continuous bedside neurological monitor could give a timely indication of changes in the patient's neurological condition. This research represents the development of such a monitoring system. The system combines several physiological and electroneurophysiological parameters into a neurophysiological state vector. Such a state vector representing physiological condition was first described by John Siegel et al.

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