InterJournal Complex Systems, 15
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [15]
Submission Date: 963011
Algorithmic design of diffractive optical systems for information processing
Author(s): H Aagedal , Thomas Beth , J Muller-Quade

Subject(s): CX.07

Category: Brief Article


This work establishes a connection between physics and computation in two ways. For diffractive optical systems we describe both physical systems which can be used for computations and the computational aspects of designing these systems.

Recent progress in the technology of light modulators have created a new interest in diffractive optical systems. Diffractive elements can be produced very accurately using lithographic techniques known from VLSI. Also electronically addressable spatial light modulators (SLMs) can be used to create electrooptical hybrid systems combining the advantages of highly parallel linear optical transformations with those of nonlinear electronics.

Optical systems can be divided into two classes, those for beamshaping purposes, i.,e. designed to transform one given wavefront into a desired one and information processing systems. These systems are built to perform a specific linear input/output functionality on data represented as wavefronts.

This paper is mainly devoted to the latter type of systems to which aim we briefly review some important systems and then investigate the computational capabilities of diffractive optical systems in a very general way.

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