InterJournal Complex Systems, 659
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [659]
Submission Date: 51230
The Peril of The Reductionism Avalanche in Software Development
Author(s): Vasu Srinivasan

Subject(s): CX.65

Category: Brief Article


On one end of the spectrum, there are predictive processes which statically bind the who (a.k.a Roles), what (a.k.a Deliverables), how and when (a.k.a Activity) of developing a software product. This static viewpoint is a residue of the Henry Ford\'s Assembly Line Age thinking and does not work very well with a knowledge endeavor such as software development. It also carries along with it, the pivotal concept of Process Maturity, which is used to derive the terminal value of Repeatability, again, another Industrial Era construct. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the Chaos Theory aficionados, who joyfully dismiss the value of defined processes, with their so-called Agile Processes. Most of these processes are prescriptive rather than descriptive. Reliance on the construct process as a panacea of all ills, merely diverts attention from developing certain key competencies pertinent to the knowledge era, thereby becoming a severe organizational disability and is the root cause of a critical class of problems,termed as the Reductionism Avalanche. This article lays out the principles that enable an Organization to overcome such a crisis and also enumerates the facilitating factors that an organization needs, to develop competencies germane to the Knowledge Enterprise.

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