InterJournal Complex Systems, 249
Status: Rejected
Manuscript Number: [249]
Submission Date: 981217
Revised On: 981230
A Technologically Mediated Complex
Author(s): susan aaron

Subject(s): CX.43

Category: Brief Article


Human dynamics, are being intersected by emerging digital technologies to potentially create a balanced complex of actions. This complex would exist as patterns of data shift that reveal and work beyond and with our perceptual based notions of measures. It would create a new homoeostasis between the proximal dynamics of the unit that is persons as a balance of energy and matter and the technological mediated complex in which they are supported. The formation of this complex is understood only by grasping the uniqueness of the relaying and refining function of technology over the layering, representational and reification notions of culture that are based in human perceptual limitations. Complex is here defined as an alliance or concurrence of dynamics evident in shifts of data, potentially unmeasurable. It acts as a whole and each action affects the whole.

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