InterJournal Complex Systems, 260
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [260]
Submission Date: 981228
Revised On: 990926
Education in Complex Systems
Author(s): Michael Jacobson

Subject(s): CX.1, CX.3, CX.6

Category: Brief Article


This paper provides an overview of issues related to learning about complex systems and the application of complexity concepts and approaches that were considered in presentations at the Education in Complex Systems session given during the Second International Conference on Complex Systems. The following presentations were given: Real Complexity For Real People (Winn Farrell), Representations and Complex Systems (Marshall Clemens), Justifying and Visualizing Complexity (Uri Wilensky), On Growth and Form, the Random Universe, Patterns in Nature, and the Dance of Chance: Helping Students Learn How Order Comes Out of Chaos (Kenneth Brecher), and "Schoolifying" The Mathematical Side of Complexity and Dynamical Systems: Conceptual and Curricular Integration (Jim Kaput).

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