InterJournal Complex Systems, 23
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [23]
Submission Date: 963011
Tight bounds on quantum searching
Author(s): Michel Boyer ,Gilles Brassard , Peter Hoyer , Alain Tapp

Subject(s): CX.09

Category: Brief Article


Among the many exciting new applications of quantum physics in the realm of computation and information theory, I am particularly fond of quantum cryptography, quantum computing and quantum teleportation. Quantum cryptography allows for the confidential transmission of classical information under the nose of an eavesdropper, regardless of her computing power or technological sophistication. Quantum computing allows for an exponential amount of computation to take place simultaneously in a single piece of hardware; of particular interest is the ability of quantum computers to factorize numbers very efficiently, with dramatic implications for classical cryptography. Quantum teleportation allows for the transmission of quantum information to a distant location despite the impossibility of measuring or broadcasting the information to be transmitted. Each of these concepts had a strong overtone of science fiction when they were first introduced.

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