InterJournal Complex Systems, 518
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [518]
Submission Date: 20501
Classical dynamics of magnetically coupled spins
Author(s): Benjamin Skellett

Subject(s): CX.21, CX.09, CX.0

Category: Article


We investigate the dynamics of a nonintegrable system comprising of two coupled spins. This Hamiltonian system can be considered as a model for two magnetic molecules coupled via a particular nonlinear interaction. A model like this has been proposed as a realisation for quantum bits in quantum computing. We identify a critical value of the coupling parameter. Below this critical value, motion is approximately regular and the system is robust to weak coupling. Above the critical value the system bifurcates and motion can be localised about the additional elliptic fixed points. The localised motion is typically regular, though for less extreme energy values an extensive chaotic region leads to unpredictable behaviour. The energy of the system also plays a crucial role in determining the accessible regions of phase space and the behaviour of the system.

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