InterJournal Complex Systems, 268
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [268]
Submission Date: 990112
Embedding computation in nonlinear optical media
Author(s): Richard Squier

Subject(s): CX.21, CX.09, CX.64, CX.04.04, CX.04.02.9, CX.04.02.3, CX.04.03

Category: Brief Article


Information can be encoded in the internal states of propagating optical solitons, and collisions of solitons cause changes in these states. This information-transforming property of soliton-supporting systems suggests the possibility of implementing computation in a bulk medium without interconnecting discrete components. One would embed a computation by encoding both the operators and the operands in the internal states of colliding solitons, and the state transformations of the collisions would implement the steps of the computation. The difficulty lies in finding a suitable system and an embedding of the computation in that system. Radhakrishnan, Lakshmanan, and Hietarinta recently described explicit solutions for the coupled Manakov system. As we demonstrate here, the collisions of these optical solitons can be completely described by explicit linear fractional transformations of a complex-valued polarization state. Using these transformations, we are able to find sequences of soliton collisions that effect logic operations, including controlled {sc NOT} gates. Both data and logic operators have the self-restoring and reusability features of digital logic circuits, another convenient feature of the nonlinear Manakov system.

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