InterJournal Complex Systems, 403
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [403]
Submission Date: 520
Revised On: 802
The Development of a Generic Innovation Network Simulation Platform
Author(s): Nigel Gilbert

Subject(s): CX.4

Category: Article


The paper reports on the development of a simulation platform for computational experiments in order to investigate the dynamics of technological collaborations and the emergence of persistent innovation networks. It describes a simulation platform that supports the implementation of an abstract model of an innovation network and its first application to the Biotechnology sector. We start by motivating our approach from a methodological perspective by introducing simulation techniques as a tool for theory development. The basic components of the platform are then discussed and filled in by applying them to the Biotech case study. The paper concludes with some methodological considerations placing the analysis in a position between a purely deductive theoretical and a purely inductive empirical approach.

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