InterJournal Complex Systems, 408
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [408]
Submission Date: 606
{Why Conservation of Money and Property Rights Make Evolution of Economies Different From Evolution of Ecologies
Author(s): Eric Baum ,Igor Durdanovic

Subject(s): CX.44, CX.66, CX.35, CX.34

Category: Brief Article


We describe experiments simulating an artificial economy of agents, initialized as random computer programs, interacting with an external world. The whole system evolves, reinforcement learning much more effectively than competing methods on three test problems, Blocks World, Rubik's cube, and Rushhour. The evolution is focussed and effective because imposition of two principles, property rights and conservation of money, yields accurate credit assignment to collaborating agents. We discuss how evolution of complex adaptive systems with these principles, such as economies, differs from evolution of adaptive systems without these principles, such as ecosystems.

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