InterJournal Complex Systems, 374
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [374]
Submission Date: 502
Revised On: 519
Locating Self-Organization at the Edge of Chaos
Author(s): Howard Blair

Subject(s): CX.04.01, CX.11, CX.13, CX.14

Category: Brief Article


The problem of characterizing by the values of tunable parameters in the manner of Langton's "edge of chaos" the subsets of CA rule spaces that yield rules in Wolfram's class 4 is addressed. Lagrangian interpolation yields numerical CA rules with tunable parameters. Techniques for locating and searching just inside the boundary of Lyapunov sets is discussed. An example of a rule that yields self-organizing persistent noise-tolerant dynamical structures within CA trajectories that have non-periodic interactions is presented. It is shown how to discretize such CA-rules to recover Boolean-valued CA's by using an encoding governed by the Fibonacci numbers.

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