InterJournal Complex Systems, 54
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [54]
Submission Date: 963011
Rapid single-flux-quantum logic
Author(s): Konstantin Likharev

Subject(s): CX.09

Category: Brief Article


I will review the recent progress in the development of superconductor digital circuits using Josephson junctions as active circuit components. Earlier, several unsuccessful attempts of the practical introduction of superconductor digital electronics were made, notably by IBM (USA) and MITI (Japan). These projects were based on the so-called "latching" devices emulating semiconductor transistors, with limited speed. The current work in the field is focused on a novel, ultrafast Rapid Single-Flux Quantum (RSFQ) logic family suggested in 1985 (for general reviews of this field, see (LiSem91,Li93,rmp96).

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