InterJournal Complex Systems, 781
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [781]
Submission Date: 2004
Mathematical Aspects in Complexity of Biological,Neuro-Physiological and Psychological Systems
Author(s): Sorin Baiculescu

Subject(s): CX.3



Mathematical Aspects in Complexity of Biological, Neuro-Physiological and Psychological Systems Keywords:complexity,bio-systems,network Abstract: This paper analyses the organizing of biological, neuro-physiological and psychological systems belonging to human being within the context of multidimensional hierarchical development networks(ANs),biostructural theory(MBt) and informational theory(I). The complexity of the multi-dimensional hierarchical development networks (ANs) varies horizontally, within the same level and vertically, from the inferior to the superior level.The hierarchical, evolutive and multidimensional character of the network (ANs) is generated by the rank of the component sets and subsets, the most comprehensive set also including the set of evolutive relations. Multidimensionality is understood as a number of criteria according to which the components of the same rank is classified. The set of the lower rank network makes up the subset of zero rank which be- longs to the set of immediately superior rank.The cooperative and hierarchical system of the multidimensional hierarchical evolution networks is characterized by non-liniar evolution processes having the mathematic general form,in which are considering the state parameters,vector associated to the spatial coordinates,time,non-linear function,integration(global character of the subsystems cooperation and enslaving),operator attached to the systemical (diffusions)flows,vector associated to the order parameters in diferential non-linear forme equations. Biostructural theory (MBt) considers the following hierarchical levels:I–system of the coexistant molecular matter (intracelular solution and non-dissolved chemical combinations); II–biostructure system (spongy mass and intracapilar spaces); III– noesis-structure system (struc- tured–noesis mass and coexistant biosical matter (the cortex and the cerebral hemispheres). The analysis of psychological system consider the entropy and informational energy of these, in deterministic and continuously aspects, in the context of multidimensional hierarchical development networks(ANs)and biostructural theory(MBt).

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