InterJournal Complex Systems, 402
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [402]
Submission Date: 520
Revised On: 20605
Complexity as a social science methodology in understanding the impact of exogenous systemic change on small business
Author(s): Ted Fuller

Subject(s): CX.44

Category: Article


This paper builds on previous work by the authors on the relationship between complexity and methodology in the context of understanding the role of small enterprises in society. Methodology is about how we conceptualise, theorise and abstract; our modes of explanation, understanding, research design and methods of analysis. This paper explores observed phenomena in small enterprises to seek causal mechanisms for the complex patterns that might be described metaphorically as co-evolution, adaptation and fitness. The issue is how complexity as a methodology provides or enables insights or explanations for issues of concern in understanding the dynamics of small enterprise. One particular significant issue is the way in which the introduction of novelty into the environment, or system, creates change in the population. The instance used in this paper is the rise in digital communications and the emergence of “e-business”.

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