InterJournal Complex Systems, 3115
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [3115]
Submission Date: 120405
Exact solution of Schrödinger equation in the case of reduction to Riccati type of ODE
Author(s): Sergey Ershkov

Subject(s): CX.09

Category: Article


Here is presented a new type of exact solution of Schrödinger equation in the case of itís reduction to Riccati type of ordinary differential equations. Due to a very special character of Riccatiís type equation, itís general solution is proved to have a proper gap of components of the particle wavefunction (which is known to be determining a proper quantum state of the particle). It means a possibility of sudden transformation or transmutation of quantum state of the particle (from one meaning of wavefunction to another), at definite moment of parametrical time. Besides, in the case of spherical symmetry of particle potential V in position space, as well as spherical symmetry of quantum system E total energy, such a solution is proved to be a multiplying of Bessel function (for radial component) & Legendre spherical function (for angle component), in spherical coordinate system.

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