InterJournal Complex Systems, 3109
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [3109]
Submission Date: 90927
Revised On: 100323
Characterization of Performance, Robustness, and Behavior Relationships in a Directly Connected Material Handling System
Author(s): Anonymous

Subject(s): CX.68.35

Category: Article


In the study of the relationships of performance, robustness, and behavior in the design of material handling systems using evidence from research into complexity systems, the use of behavior-based optimization is proposed taking advantage of relationships between complexity and optimality with respect to both performance and robustness. Correlation between complexity and performance has been exhibited using the practical implementation of algorithmic complexity as a complexity measure. Furthermore, algorithmic complexity is also used to create several complexity measures. Based on the complexity measures used in this work, the relationships between these measures and both performance and robustness are examined, using a Naval weapons elevator as a directly connected material handling model. As a result, we can roughly see that greater connectivity and more uniform distributions of connections tend to result in greater performance. However, the results of the complexity measures are shown and analyzed, in detail, leading to the discussion of the fundamental cause of the relationships and their applicability in the proposed behavior-based optimization.

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