InterJournal Complex Systems, 358
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [358]
Submission Date: 428
Revised On: 30219
Attractor Potential From Electroencephalogram.
Author(s): Pravitha Ramanand ,Ramavarma Pratap

Subject(s): CX.32

Category: Brief Article


The digitized electroencephalogram output from 16 channels for (1) eyes closed (normal) (2) eyes open (normal) and (3) a subject under meditation are subjected to a singular value decomposition to obtain the eigen values and eigen function of the attractor distribution. We then evaluate effective interaction potential as a function of these eigen values and eigen functions at different skull points, using an inverse scattering technique. This gives a global potential distribution. We make a detailed comparison of these distinctly different dynamical cases. We further define a Coherence index at these 16 locations from the amplitude and phase synchronization indices. We have also defined a new parameter Learning index and these could be two additional invariant parameters besides the usually known ones. The merits and demerits are discussed in the concluding section.

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