InterJournal Complex Systems, 2203
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [2203]
Submission Date: 20080226
A Systemic Model for the Description and Comparison of Models and Standards of Processes in the SE, SwE and IT disciplines
Author(s): Manuel Mora ,Ovsei Gelman ,Francisco Alvarez ,Rory O'Connor

Subject(s): CX.68

Category: Article


The manufacturing of products and provision of services in the modern world has raised its process engineering and managerial complexity (Boehm and Lane, 2006). Engineering complexity because the variety of design, manufacturing/ provision process, machines/tools, materials and system-component designs, to reach the high-quality, cost-efficiency relationships, and value expectations demanded by the competitive worldwide markets. Managerial complexity because such engineering activities must be coordinated in organizations worldwide distributed, to meet the time to market, competitive prices, market-sharing, distribution scope, financial and strategic objectives, and the environmental and ethical regulations. Well-known SE failures are evidences from such a critical situation (Bar-Yam, 2003). For dealing with this, academicians and practitioners have developed standards and models of process (Arnold and Lawson, 2004; ISO 2004, 2006; Sheard and Lake, 1998). But, the vast variety and information involved in them, precludes a clear understanding and lately a correct application. This article, reports a research in progress, on the definition and application of a model for description and comparison of such models and standards of process. Model is developed by a conceptual design research approach (Glass et al, 2004; Hevner et al, 2004) and based in premises and principles from Theory of Systems (Ackoff, 1971; Gelman and Garcia, 1989; Mora et al, 2003). Model usefulness is illustrated with the ISO15288 (ISO 2002) standard. A face-validity test from experts for assessing the model will be reported under full completion. Positive results are expected from preliminary conceptual assessments conducted (Mora et al, 2007).

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