InterJournal Complex Systems, 2231
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [2231]
Submission Date: 20080226
Meanings of Natural Bioreception by the Human Being; Implications in the Complexity of Systems, Psychoanalysis, Cognition
Author(s): Sorin Baiculescu

Subject(s): CX.41

Category: Article


In the present paper, we analyse certain scientific aspects related to the complexity of systems, as well as to the theory of cognition. The exterior world is a product of our perception. Pure mathematics – the form of the absolute, independent of the empiric models, can build the universally true results only mentally, irrespective of the spaces they are in. Gauss – Riemann – Lobacevski geometries have inner coherence (Henry Poincaré) and it is possible to apply them to some “real” world, probably different from what the human being perceives and which the human being can consider as virtual, according to its system of assessment. Absolute time becomes “flexible”, its extension or contraction describing the speed cosmic phenomena in the Universe are achieved with. Together with time, the curve space forms a 4-dimension system, which can better explain the macro- cosmic universe, while the non - Euclidian geometry invalidates the Newtonian concept. Within the microcosmos, however, there are: the “ideas”, the “meaning”, the “phenomenology”, the “information”, the “cuantic gravity”, the “space–time pair”, which are all different from what has been known to us; another “image” of the former is “true”, more concept - based, connected to another type of reception, which probably exists “within” fundamental particles (current correlation agreed to exist among Buddhism, Christian religion, science) and different from the habitual one.

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