InterJournal Complex Systems, 2252
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [2252]
Submission Date: 20080226
Determining Matchable System Development Model for Low Cost Carriers (LCCs)
Author(s): Hmidreza Monajjemi

Subject(s): CX.6

Category: Article


Each airline is a complex system that lives from the interaction among the various parts of the system: aircrafts, airports, passengers, aviation policy. In the recent decades the LCCs become important players in air transport around the world especially in Europe and Asia. In this paper the method for establishment and development of Low Cost Carrier is discussed. To achieve this goal, the system engineering system development models are used. There are three classical process and development models in system engineering: Vee, Waterfall and Spiral. These models define the relation between the requirements, specifications, components and operation for each system. So the target of this paper is to determine the best model which is better matched for Low Cost Airlines. The strengths and weakness of using each model are discussed. Also the best model to form LCC is present at last. Vee model is a constrain system and hard to change. The waterfall can change but not easily and fast. But the Spiral model is easy changeable, real-time model that can grow. By this model, the company can start in an ambiguous environment and step by step defines the requirement or change them. Besides, it can start with little budget and in the outer cycle expand its activities. So according to the nature of LCCs, the suitable process model for the LCC is Spiral model. Also as the spiral model is suitable for establishing a LCC it can be used for breaking up a LCC and it can happen in outer loop of the model.

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