InterJournal Complex Systems, 1903
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [1903]
Submission Date: 2006
Thermochemical conversion research of a substance as evolutionary study of a complex system
Author(s): Svetlana Tsyganova ,Anton Tsyganov

Subject(s): CX.35



Main principals of thermochemical conversion researches of a substance as evolutionary studies of complex system are presented. Using the certain non-isothermal kinetic approach to simplify the kinetics of complicated processes during heating, to calculate apparent activation energies of the product formation processes at various temperatures and to consider the temperature-time evolution of a system on a one scale is suggested. The associative conjugating model of complex system development is proposed by the example of pitch thermochemical conversion. The ideas of conjugating process in liquid, solid and gas media as well as the existence and formation of the general intermediate product, such as aril radical, at all developmental stages of thermochemical conversion of pitch are the modelling basis. The diagnostics of pitch thermochemical conversion is carried out from the point of view of evolutional conjugated pathway of the complex system development.

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