InterJournal Complex Systems, 233
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [233]
Submission Date: 981213
Superlattices and Multiwave Interactions in Driven Surface
Author(s): Hagai Arbell

Subject(s): CX.25

Category: Article


Nonlinear waves with basic wavenumbers, k1 and k2 , are simultaneously excited via two­frequency parametric excitation of a fluid surface. Three new multi­wave states are observed: (1) superlattice state composed of k1and k2 whose relative orientation is governed by a temporal resonance condition, (2) a superlattice built entirely of wavenumbers k1 and k1/2, and (3) a state composed of wavenumbers of lengths k1 and k2 , whose spatial and temporal behavior is uncorrelated in both space and time. The temporal and spatial behavior of these states together with the transition between the different states is studied and characterized.

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