InterJournal Complex Systems, 531
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [531]
Submission Date: 20501
Revised On: 21023
Emergent Probability - A Directed SF Network Approach of Lonergan's Generic Model of Development
Author(s): Michael Bretz

Subject(s): CX.14, CX.19

Category: Article


An intriguing heuristic model of development, decline, and change conceived by Bernard Lonergan in the late 1940?s was laid out in a manner now recognizable as an early model of complexity. This report is a first effort towards translating that qualitative vision, designated Emergent Probability(EP), into a viable network computer study. Lonergan constructed his model as a convoluted building process of recurrent schemes that act as foundational elements to further growth(ie, resource cycles, motor skills, biological routines, autocatalytic processes). His corresponding World Process can be alternately thought of as chemical, environmental, organizational, economical, ethical, etc., and its generality might therefore be of particular interest to complex systems researchers.

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