InterJournal Complex Systems, 263
Status: Rejected
Manuscript Number: [263]
Submission Date: 981230
The self-organization of the World Economy
Author(s): Dmitry Chistilin

Subject(s): CX.13, CX.35, CX.4, CX.43, CX.44

Category: Brief Article


Though world economic science has accumulated enormous experience of economic analysis and decision making, it is necessary to note that firm strategies in taking the political decisions, directed on changing the current economic situations, do not exist since situations themselves are not repeated in the progress of the world economy.

However, the development of the world economy, as any natural, living system development, will comply with internal logic and specific regularities, which altogether are the evolution of living nature and all economic and political events of the world scale, all past, present and future states of the world economy represent an unceasing event chain, appearing as a result of evolution development of mankind.

At the same time it is necessary to understand internal logic; laws of development of the world economy require corresponding statement of the problem in the generalized form. In the report the investigation of selforganization mechanism of the "world economy" system is presented. The aim of the investigation is determination of laws, according to which changes of the system of "world economy" occur and understanding which can give a key to the forecasting of future states of the world economy and taking the correct political decisions in the field of economy.

The process of selforganization of the world economy is represented on the model of selforganization of the world economy.

The model is formulated on the basis of primary model by R.F. Abdeyev, stated in his work "Philosophy of information civilization", taking into account general principles of complex system development, as well as some suggestions of the author, concerning principles of operation and economic systems development.

The report incloud folow charters ; Economic System is a Big Complex System. Principle of Economic System Operation. Mechanism of Complex Economic System Development. Economic System Organization, Economic System Efficiency, Economic System Selforganization. Mechanism of economic system development with Il 1. System "World Economy". Selforganization of World Economy with Il 2.

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