InterJournal Complex Systems, 595
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [595]
Submission Date: 20628
Programmable Pattern-Formation and Scale-Independence
Author(s): Radhika Nagpal

Subject(s): CX.31, CX.32, CX.64, CX.61

Category: Brief Article


(ICCS 2002)This paper presents a programming language for pattern-formation on a surface of locally-interacting, identically-programmed agents, by combining local organization primitives from developmental biology with combination rules from geometry. The approach is significantly different from current approaches to the design of self-organizing systems: the desired global shape is specified using an abstract geometry-based language, and the agent program is {em directly compiled} from the global specification. Using this approach any 2D Euclidean construction can be formed from local-interactions of the agents. The resulting process is extremely reliable in the face of random agent distributions and varying agent numbers. In addition the process is {em scale-independent}, which implies that the pattern scales as the number of agents increases, with no modification of the agent program. The pattern also scales asymmetrically to produce related patterns, such as D'Arcy Thompson's famous transformations.

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