InterJournal Complex Systems, 215
Status: Rejected
Manuscript Number: [215]
Submission Date: 981117
Evolution of Efficient strategies for evolution: Chance Favors the Prepared Genome
Author(s): Lynn Caporale

Subject(s): CX.16, CX.35, BG.10, BG.2, BG.1

Category: Review Article


Efficient strategies for genome evolution emerge under the pressure of natural selection. These strategies provide a route through the space of possible genomes, and thus a selective advantage, as evolutionary innovation need not await the results of purely random mutation. Natural selection acts not only on individual gene products, but, at a higher level, on the mechanisms that generate diversity, and the sequence specificity of their actions. DNA sequences encode information that modulates the rate of genetic alteration; thus, genetic variation can become less probable at sites at which variation disturbs the active scaffold or other essential residues. The fittest strategies survive, along with the genomes that encode them.

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