InterJournal Complex Systems, 266
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [266]
Submission Date: 990105
Comment on manuscript revision number 27264
Efficiency-Syntropy in the Evolution of Complex Systems
Author(s): Mario Ludovico

Subject(s): CX.43, CX.44

Category: Professional Letter


My comment aims at drawing Mr.Chistilin's attention to the substantial similarities between the theory he outlines in his article and the theory I have constructed about twelve years ago and published in Italian by the book titled "L'Evoluzione Sintropica dei Sistemi Urbani (Elementi per una Teoria dei Sistemi Auto-finalizzati)", Bulzoni, Roma 1988. This theory is summarized by the article titled "Syntropy and Entropy in Self-organized Systems" that has been submitted to InterJournal in November 1998 and there recorded with Number 223 in CX.43-44. The concept of 'system in evolution between stages of unstable equilibrium', along with concepts such as 'organization-efficiency' ("syntropy", in my theory) and 'disorganization' in mutual complementary relationship, or 'system structure transformation/adaptation in an alternative to collapse', or 'evolution as an accumulation of information-efficiency', and other concepts, have been formulated and processed mathematically by my theory. The language used by Mr. Chistilin seems rather difficult to me, and it is possible that I have misunderstood more than I have understood. This is likely when authors from diverse countries are compelled by current History to use a language that differs from the respective mother tongues. However, I deem there is stuff sufficient to justify my invitation to Mr. Chistilin to a closer touch between us. My E-mail address is .

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