InterJournal Complex Systems, 445
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [445]
Submission Date: 1102
Comment on manuscript revision number 17973
Modelling bacterial hyperstructures with cellular automata
Author(s): Sungchul Ji

Subject(s): CX.31, CX.32, CX.14, CX.04, CX.30

Category: Article


This is a superbly written manuscript that has an important new concept to offer, namely, metabolic "hyperstructures," a loosely held collection of enzymes involved in catalyzing related metabolic processes. What is novel about these structures is that their formation is driven by substrate binding and their lifetime is limited by the termination of their function. The authors present results of their computer modeling which reinforce the validity of their concept. I strongly recommend the acceptance of this paper as is. In passing, I might mention that the authors may enhance the value of their manuscript if they can point out the possible theoretical kinship between their concept of "hyperstructures" and the notions of ‘intracellular dissipative structures' (IDS's) (Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 870:411- 417 (1999) and of cell-linguistic 'sentences' (Comments on Toxicology 5(6):571-585 (1997)) that have been postulated to serve as the proximal causes for cell functions.

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