InterJournal Genetics, 6
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [6]
Submission Date: 951304
Frequent Rearrangements Near the Ends of Schizosaccharoymces pombe
Author(s): Cassandra L. Smith

Subject(s): BG.01, BG.05, BG.10, BG.52.1

Category: Article


Widespread variation in telomeric genomic restriction fragments containing blocks of tandem rDNA repeats, located on both ends of Schizosaccharomyces pombe chromosome III, are associated with frequent gross chromosomal rearrangements. These variations were detected in closely related strains as well as in the same strain obtained from different sources. For example, in two isogenic strain pair thought to differ only at the mating type locus also had large size variations at one or both chromosome III ends were observed. These changes most likely involve sequences flanking the rDNA repeats rather than changes in the rDNA repeats themselves.

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