InterJournal Complex Systems, 360
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [360]
Submission Date: 428
Revised On: 628
Ball lightning as self-organized complexity
Author(s): Sebastian Popescu ,Erzilia Lozneanu ,Mircea Sanduloviciu

Subject(s): CX.11, CX.12, CX.14

Category: Article


The ball lightning phenomenon is explained in the frame of a self-organization scenario suggested by experiments performed on the spontaneously generated complex spherical space charge configuration in plasma. Originated in a hot plasma, suddenly created in a point where a lightning flash strikes the Earth surface, the ball lightning appearance proves the ability of nature to generate, by self-organization, complex structures able to ensure their own existence by exchange of matter and energy with the surroundings. Their subsequent evolution depends on the environment where they are born. Under contemporary Earth conditions the lifetime of such complexities is relatively short.

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