InterJournal Complex Systems, 3101
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [3101]
Submission Date: 20080226
The Randori Principles
Author(s): Philip Fellman ,Neil Lanteigne

Subject(s): CX.4

Category: Article


In this paper, we define the concept of Randori and its principal components. We explore the core concepts underlying each component and provide examples of Randori as it relates to leadership and management decisionmaking processes. We use a martial arts framework and martial arts related metaphors and analogies to analyze complex business decisions and complex business decisionmaking environments. The analogy of a paired physical and mental activity is a central component of this approach. For example, one can take the metaphor of gardening for management leadership, as does Shelly Wu in “Are you a green thumb leader?“ Here, Wu explains how the garden is a metaphor for how leadership can be made easier if the leader takes care of all the different flowers and shrubs in the garden. The physical action of taking care of the garden and tending to its needs is a useful analogy for managing and developing the most important assets that a company has - its employees. In the same fashion, we attempt to apply the Randori principles to effective strategic decisionmaking.

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