InterJournal Complex Systems, 359
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [359]
Submission Date: 428
Cortical Dynamics and Coordination During Meditation
Author(s): Indic P.

Subject(s): CX.32

Category: Brief Article


An investigation on collective dynamics of brain during meditation is conducted using the methods of nonlinear dynamics and phase synchronization. The relevance of degree of co ordination of different regions of brain as well as the nonlinear dynamical parameters likes correlation dimension and Kolmogorov entropy is evaluated. It has been found that before meditation each region of the brain interacts with the nearest regions whereas during meditation strength of interaction between the regions reduces. Further, the dimension and entropy value is more during meditation compared to before meditation. This is possibly because during meditation, there is less stress to neural system and this suggests the possibility of using meditation methods for the treatment of mental stress and related psychological problems.

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