InterJournal Complex Systems, 581
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [581]
Submission Date: 20614
Multidimensional Network Monitoring for Intrusion Detection
Author(s): Vladimir Gudkov

Subject(s): CX.65, CX.18, CX.08, CX.07

Category: Article


An approach for real-time network monitoring in terms of numerical time-dependant functions of protocol parameters is suggested. Applying complex systems theory for information f{l}ow analysis of networks, the information traffic is described as a trajectory in multi-dimensional parameter-time space with about 10-12 dimensions. The network traffic description is synthesized by applying methods of theoretical physics and complex systems theory, to provide a robust approach for network monitoring that detects known intrusions, and supports developing real systems for detection of unknown intrusions. The methods of data analysis and pattern recognition presented are the basis of a technology study for an automatic intrusion detection system that detects the attack in the reconnaissance stage.

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