InterJournal Complex Systems, 143
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [143]
Submission Date: 971110
Pattern Generation in Simulated Biological Systems
Author(s): Andrew Rixon

Subject(s): CX.19, CX.34, CX.43

Category: Brief Article


Traditionally models for natural ecosystems have been based on the assumption that the system is spatially homogeneous. For a system such as a coral reef, however, it is apparent that a spatial model is required. Cellular automaton have been recognised as a powerful tool in simulation models of many natural world phenomena due to their implicit spatial form. Within this presentation I shall define a specific cellular automaton model for which the key emphasis will be on the formation of spatio-temporal patterns and their ability to persist in the face of disturbance. The model formulated shows self organisation with the formation of spiral wave f ronts which we then `perturb' and and observe the impact. The existence and formation of such a global pattern as a spiral within our artificial landscape is evidence of a collective dynamic at work, where the individual unit system gives rise to the emergence of structure. Thus the qu estion of the spiral's ability to withstand perturbation gives insight into more global properties of the system.

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