InterJournal Complex Systems, 167
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [167]
Submission Date: 980220
Revised On: 990203
Humanoid Interaction Approach: Exploring Meaningful Order in Complex Interactions
Author(s): Yasuo Kuniyoshi

Subject(s): CX.66, CX.15, CX.16, CX.17

Category: Brief Article


Humans seem to handle extremely complex interactions quite robustly and effortlessly. A whole body dynamic action entails a coordinated dynamic control of many dozens of joints, dealing with indefinite vast variety of effects from physical contacts between the body and other objects. Nevertheless we rarely have difficulty in accomplishing our goals in our everyday life. We are also quite robust in recognizing someone else's actions and generating meaningful responses such as helping, hindering, or sometimes learning by imitation. Characteristic to these examples is the capability to robustly explore/identify/achieve a variety of different dynamics and to detect the right points of intervention to such dynamics. This paper presents our approach using a whole body humanoid robot as a research tool and exploring new principles of handling complex intereactions along the idea of segmentation of global dynamics. The principles are expected to provide new insights to more general issues of ``control vs. complex systems''.

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