InterJournal Complex Systems, 107
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [107]
Submission Date: 971012
Conformational Switching as Assembly Instructions inSelf-assembling Mechanical Systems
Author(s): Kazuhiro Saitou

Subject(s): CX.67, CX.30, CX.04

Category: Article


A class of self-assembling mechanical systems is studied where assembly instructions are written in each component in terms of conformational switches, mechanisms which change component shape as a result of local interactions with other components. Parametric design optimization of a type of mechanical conformational switches is discussed. A genetic algorithm, in conjunction with computer simulation of sequential random bin-picking, optimizes the parameterized switch designs maximizing the yield of a desired assembly. Rate equation analyses of the resulting designs reveal that conformational switches can encode subassembly sequences. An abstract model of self-assembling systems, one-dimensional self-assembling automaton, is presented where assembly instructions are written as local rules that specify conformational changes of components. Classes of self-assembling automata are defined based on three classes of subassembly sequences described by assembly grammars. It is proven that the local rules corresponding to the conformational switches, and three conformations for each component, can encode subassembly sequences of a string of distinct symbols with arbitrary length.

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