InterJournal Complex Systems, 517
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [517]
Submission Date: 20430
Revised On: 30701
Emergent computation in Cellular Automata: A matter of visual efficiency
Author(s): Mathieu Simon Capcarrere

Subject(s): CX.04, CX.14, CX.17, CX.07

Category: Brief Article


Cellular Automata as a computational tool have been the subject of interest from the computing community for many years now. However, WHAT is meant by computation with cellular automata remains elusive. In this paper, I will argue that emergent computation with CAs is a matter of visual efficiency. Basing our argument on past, recent and also previously unpublished results around the density task, I will propose a tentative definition of {em emergent behavior}, in this limited scope, and thus envisage differently the whole question of what may be sought in computing research in CAs. The practical consequences of this approach will alter the HOW question answer, and most notably how to evolve computing CAs.

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