InterJournal Complex Systems, 406
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [406]
Submission Date: 604
Revised On: 727
Author(s): Anonymous

Subject(s): CX.06, CX.31

Category: Article


Depressing synapses elicit variable excitatory postsynaptic potentials (EPSPs) that depend on the history of presynaptic activity. If the presynaptic spike train is regular (periodic), then EPSP amplitudes approach a steady value. Here we answer the question of how EPSP amplitudes are distributed when they are generated by irregular presynaptic activity. We calculate the stationary EPSP amplitude density elicited by Poisson spike trains. This tell us how the shape of an EPSP amplitude histogram depends on the mean presynaptic rate. We find that EPSP amplitudes generated by irregular input are smaller than amplitudes generated by periodic input of the same rate. Strongly depressing synapses always generate higher EPSP variability than weakly depressing synapses.

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