InterJournal Genetics, 176
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [176]
Submission Date: 980306
Comment on manuscript revision number 5194
Genetic Network Inference: review of article [104].
Author(s): David Fell

Subject(s): BG.14, BG.2, CX.3

Category: Article


This represents a highly interesting report on an innovatory approach to studying genetic expression. It is a refreshing antidote to the predominant approach of studying a single or a few genes in an on-off manner. Even though the advent of 'gene chips' heralds an increase in the simultaneous study of large numbers of genes, much information will be lost if the results continue to be interpreted through a qualitative, binary classification. Thus the work of this group is important in showing that techniques are available to extract information about the likely interactions in the genetic regulatory networks from quantitative measurements of the patterns of expression of many genes. In the context of the Interjournal, this article has value in providing a specific, empirically-based illustration of the complexity of the genetic programme underlying development and differentiation. Minor comment: 2nd para of Methods, 2nd sentence, "We chose to .....". This is a little cryptic in that it leaves it uncertain what data was used in the analysis. Does it imply that both expression levels and the time derivatives of these levels at each time were used, or just the derivatives?

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