InterJournal Complex Systems, 69
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [69]
Submission Date: 963011
On efficient adiabatic design of MOS circuits
Author(s): Priyadarsan Patra ,Donald Fussell

Subject(s): CX.07

Category: Brief Article


Power dissipation has become one of the most significant limits to increases in the density and speed of CMOS circuits. As a result, increasing attention is being devoted to unconventional CMOS circuit designs which dissipate far less power. One promising class of methods is based on the so-called {em adiabatic} mode of operation of CMOS circuits. These methods attempt to recover as much as possible the power supplied to a circuit during its operation. However, current adiabatic methods ignore or fail to recover energies supplied to internal capacitances. Moreover, the penalty of "function reversibility" required in these techniques is very substantial in terms of area. %%DPDP bootstrap, architecture, etc. We propose simple and efficient adiabatic circuit design schemes which address both of these problems. Furthermore, we demonstrate a technique for adiabatic storage of values and finally, show that suitable design trade-offs can make adiabatic design of data path logic, such as an adder, more attractive.

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