InterJournal Complex Systems, 400
Status: Rejected
Manuscript Number: [400]
Submission Date: 519
Chronometry-Based Approach to Consciousness and a Possible Role of Tachionic Representations
Author(s): Alexander Levichev

Subject(s): CX.20, CX.41

Category: Brief Article


Chronometry is a variant of a theory based on the conformal group G (which is larger than the conventional symmetry group P of relativistic physics). It is mainly due to (late) Prof. Segal (M.I.T.). Conventional particles (more broadly: objects) are described by stable representations of P, the Hamiltonian h in the representation space S(P)determines the energy spectrum. Chronometric objects correspond to representations of G, H being the respective Hamiltonian in S(G). Seemingly, only eigenvalues of h (values of "local" part of energy) can be measured by currently available measuring devices. The defining characteristic of consciousness (more broadly, of "live" matter) is suggested to be the presence of tachionic (= unstable) components in the respective representation. It means that the energy spectrum is neither bounded from above, nor from below. An open question: are their such H-unstable G-representations which are h-stable (when a G-representation is restricted to P) ?

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