InterJournal Complex Systems, 142
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [142]
Submission Date: 971110
Revised On: 980305
Psychology in Corporations: A Complex Systems Perspective
Author(s): Jeffrey Goldstein

Subject(s): CX.4, CX.43, CX.44

Category: Article


The field of industrial/organizational psychology has been actively borrowing and applying ideas from the study of complex systems. In this paper I go the other direction, and show how insights from industrial/ organizational psychology can be fruitful for researchers in complex systems. Particularly I discuss the phenomenon of emergent leadership and emergent group dynamics. Moreover, I make the point that organizations are excellent sources for studying complex systems because they are nonlinear, interactive systems; abound in scaling phenomena; abound in self-organizing processes; and are extremely accessible, not requiring any special tools for this research.

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