InterJournal Genetics, 407
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [407]
Submission Date: 606
Mathematical model of the mitogen-dependent G1/S transition
Author(s): Igor Deineko

Subject(s): BG.14, BG.15, CX.30

Category: Article


Molecular mechanisms underlying programs of cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis are now under intensive investigation. Recent studies strongly suggest that triggering of these programs depends on the cell cycle control. Integrative approaches such as computer modeling are needed to analyze different modes of the complex dynamics of the cell-cycle gene network. A considerable amount of data on cell cycle gene control have been collected from the scientific literature and was compiled in the CYCLE-TRRD database. These data serve as a basis for the reconstruction of the gene regulatory network controlling G1/S transition. We have performed the dynamic modeling of this regulatory network. Two alternative modes corresponding to the S-phase entry or exit into the G0 are obtained. We have shown that the switch between these two modes depends on the duration of a mitogen stimulation. The positive feedback loop through E2F sites which were computationally predicted in the promoters of the AP-1 family genes was found to be important for the S-phase entry

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