InterJournal Complex Systems, 339
Status: Submitted
Manuscript Number: [339]
Submission Date: 407
informatics and society
Author(s): Anonymous

Subject(s): CX.46, CX.43, CX.13

Category: Brief Article


“Informatics and Society” is the title of a discipline which is well known in the German speaking region (FRIEDRICH/HERRMANN/PESCHEK-SCHRÖDER/ROLF). In this context, “informatics”, if not used to have the meaning of “information (and communication) technologies” – I(C)T – themselves, is the English translation of a German (and, for instance, French) term – “Informatik” (“l’informatique”) – that denotes the scientific discipline that is about ICT. This paper deals with some implications for the discipline of informatics when extended to investigations in the connections between ICT and the societies of today. It will be argued that Informatics and Society marks a special step in the development of informatics, namely that step that integrates the assessment and the design of ICT (part 1). This step, however, is seen as a mere transitional phase, because it is directed towards becoming part of an all-embracing, new science that will support societal development in the so-called information age (part 2).

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