InterJournal Complex Systems, 352
Status: Accepted
Manuscript Number: [352]
Submission Date: 425
Revised On: 628
Co-operation in the Brain in Higher Cognitive Functioning
Author(s): JOYDEEP BHATTACHARYA ,Ernesto Pereda

Subject(s): CX.41, CX.32, CX.0

Category: Brief Article


We have analyzed the interdependencies between different regions of human brain during processing of different kinds of music by using multivariate EEG signals. In this study, a new index, called similarity index, SI was used, which unlike the traditional linear measures is able to provide information about the direction of the interdependency. Relatively active and passive regions of the brain were highlighted, where the measure of the activity was reflected by the excited degrees of freedom at a typical length scale. The SIs during each task were compared statistically and significant changes ($ple0.05$) were depicted in schematic maps of the brain. A topographical representation of the S.I. showed differences in the connectivity while listening to different pieces of music.

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